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Qassim and Qtypography Highlights

Officially listed on (Microsoft Typography) as producer & developer of international fonts.

مقابلة صحفيّة: قاسم يبتكر برنامجاً بالكمبيوتر لتصميم الخطِّ الكوفي

ابتكر الفنان قاسم حيدر، برنامجًا لتصميم الخطِّ الكوفي، وجعله متاحا للجميع من خلال أجهزة الكمبيوتر؛ ويهدف من خلال ذلك نشر ثقافة الخط العربي بأسلوب عصري وسهل من جميع النواحي. وحيدر، خطّاط، مبرمج، ومصمم بحريني، مواليد العام 1985، متخصص في الخطِّ الكوفي… Continue Reading →

QT ArabicCity Font, Less details, More legibility..

QT ArabicCity is a contemporary arabic typeface where simplicity meets modernity to reach design needs in modern cities where business are crowded, information are interfere and time is not enough except for read clearly and in optical sequence. a readability connects… Continue Reading →

TypoGrid Web App. New tool for typographers/calligraphers & Pixel artists.

In 2012, I developed the first version of this web application under “Square Kufi / Kufi Murabba” name. The concept of the app was to help users to create one kind of arabic calligraphy which is Square Kufi using pen… Continue Reading →

Perle Magazine interview “Typographic Expression”

Talented Bahraini typographer Qassim Haider sat with Perle Magazine and elaborated on perhaps the most established form in the region, Typography; an art that has been used for centuries to display the amalgam between religion and culture throughout the Arab… Continue Reading →

QT Square Kufic font family

Square Kufic is one of the oldest calligraphy style in the arabic heritage. It appears from the thirteenth century on coins, tile work and elsewhere in Iraq, Turkey & Iran. In today’s world, it is used for logotypes by some… Continue Reading →

You want an arabic font that nobody else has?

You want an arabic font that nobody else has? A font to represent the values and the spirit of your enterprise? How about a custom font by qtypography. Hand in hand with you, we will develop the font to your… Continue Reading →

TypoGrid is a smart tool for typographers

TypoGrid is a smart tool for typographers and graphic designers helps them to create typography letters and pixel arts based on the grids system. In 2012, Qassim developed the first version of this web application under “Square Kufi / Kufi… Continue Reading →

الشغفُ يأخذهم حيثما دار، ثلاثون خطاطاً، ثلاثون جزءاً، يتنافسون في خط أجزاء القرآن

إنهم فتيةٌ آمنوا بالفن رسالةً وبالخطِّ رسولاً مرسلاً، يأخذهم فن الخط حيثما دار، وحيث ما حط رحالهُ حطُوا، بشغفٍ هذهِ المرة نحو ملتقى خط القرآن قصدوا، وبركابه التحقوا، وهو ملتقى خط القرآن الذي يقام في دبي بالإمارات للعام السادس وفي… Continue Reading →